Shark Tank Planned For Recent Belt Promotions

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August 26, 2020
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CAZA BJJ Shark Tank

As mentioned in our Post Quarantine Belt Promotions post, we have a bunch of members who have been promoted to a new belt colour that still need to be shark-tanked. Yoshi has announced that Friday 11th September (the Noosa Show public holiday) will be the day! All other classes are cancelled for this date – including kid’s classes.

The shark tank will start at 10:00 am sharp. Any member who attends adult classes is welcome to take part. Note that we can’t have any spectators in the gym as it will be too busy.

We will also be having an open-mat sparring session when the shark tank ends. Shark tanks last thirty minutes, so you can get some normal sparring rounds in afterwards.

This is a great chance to help celebrate recent colour belt promotions with the CAZA team. The atmosphere is always fun during a shark tank and we certainly encourage new members to come to the gym and see what it is all about.

As always, please be careful not to injure those who are being shark-tanked. Thirty minutes is a long time to defend yourself for, so they will tire significantly. Have fun, but look out for each other too.

Finally, remember to sign-in when you arrive at the gym for this event and all other classes. Logging visits is still a COVID-19 tracking requirement.