CAZA’s Gym Rules

The following rules apply to everyone who enters our gym, including members, guests and spectators. If you have questions regarding your membership contract, please contact us.


Health & hygiene

  • You must wear some sort of footwear to the gym. If you arrive barefoot, you will not be allowed to enter. This is a strict hygiene issue which will be enforced without exception (this includes all children).
  • Take your footwear off before stepping onto the mats. This applies to everyone, including parents and spectators.
  • If you go to use the toilets, you must wear your footwear.
  • A clean uniform must be worn in every class. If you are taking two lessons in a row, bring two uniforms.
  • Don’t come to the gym straight from work or other activities if you are dirty. Have a shower, then come in for a session.
  • Keep your finger and toenails short.
  • If you currently have an infection or illness, stay away until you are fully recovered.
  • If you get a cut or scratched while training, leave the mats until you have stopped and covered any bleeding.


Respect your coaches

  • Do not interrupt a coach while they are teaching unless it relates to what is being taught. Other issues can be discussed after class.
  • Never walk away from the coach while they are teaching or while we are learning a technique. You can wait for a drink, phones do not need to be checked.
  • Don’t talk to the coach or other students while a coach is teaching a technique. They will eventually ask if you have any questions.
  • If you come to class late, quietly shake the hand of the coach and all other students present. Wait until the coach has finished speaking if they are teaching a technique.
  • Sit, kneel or stand while the coach is talking. Don’t slouch on your side or lie down – it’s disrespectful.
  • Let the instructor know if you need to leave early. Don’t make this a regular occurrence.
  • Bowing before stepping onto and off the mats is not necessary, although many members do so.
  • At the end of each class, line up by rank. Adjust your uniform (tie your belt properly etc) and prepare to bow to the instructor.
  • While a class is running, do not chat loudly while waiting for the next class or while hanging around after finishing the previous class. Again, don’t talk while a coach is talking.


Respect your teammates

  • Do not coach. Helping other students who ask you a question directly is fine, but leave the coaching to the coaches.
  • Don’t joke with or talk to people who are rolling. Let them focus.
  • When rolling, if you and your sparring partner get too close to other students, the lower-ranked students must move away from the higher-ranked students. In particular, stay well away from black belts and their sparring partner.
  • Use the change rooms to get changed.
  • Do not swear or use any offensive language.