Common questions answered

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Gym Etiquette

1Do I bow before entering or leaving the gym?
This is not necessary. You may if you wish, however, and many members do so, especially those with previous martial arts experience.
2Do I have to take my footwear off?
Only if you are going to step onto the mats. This is a golden rule in any BJJ gym. Please wear footwear of some kind if you go downstairs to use the toilets.
3Can I come to class barefoot?
No. If you come to the gym with no footwear on you will not be allowed to train. Hygiene is paramount.
4What if I'm a few minutes late to class?
That's fine, you are still welcome. Our protocol is that you quietly shake hands with everyone already in the class, including the instructor. Then join in as usual.


1Do I have to wear a CAZA uniform?
Not at all. We don't insist on wearing our brand gis or no-gi uniforms, even if you are a member.
2Can I wear one gi for two classes in a row?
No. Out of respect for other members, we insist that if you want to attend two classes in a row that you bring two gis or sets of no-gi gear. The same belt is fine, however. A gi can be rented for $10 per class.
3Can I buy uniforms from CAZA?
Yes. We have most sizes in stock at any given time unless you are a big unit. Contact us with your sizes for pricing.
4Are CAZA uniforms approved for competition?

First or Trial Lessons

1What is a first lesson like?
This blog post explains everything.
2Can I have a trial lesson?
Absolutely. If you are new to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu then your first (trial) lesson is free at CAZA. If you have trained in BJJ anywhere before then regular class fees will apply (we have a lot of holidaymakers drop in for a roll).
3Do I have to book?
The only class on our timetable that isn't 'open' to non-members is our comp team class on Tuesday nights. Otherwise, just be in the gym 10 minutes before the class start time. No need to book. This goes for kids classes too!

Who are CAZA

1Who is the head instructor?
3rd-degree BJJ black belt and CAZA owner, Professor Yoshinori Hasegawa, is the head instructor in Noosa Heads. Andrew Bailey is the head instructor at Moffat Beach.
2What line of instructors is CAZA from?
You can see the full lineage of CAZA's Yoshi Hasegawa here Andrew Bailey is from de Been Jiu-Jitsu.
3How many CAZA BJJ gyms are there?
Two. The gym in Noosa Heads is the home of CAZA with another branch in Moffat Beach.


1Do I need a mouthguard?
This is a personal choice and the instructors will not insist that you wear one. It is a good idea, just in case. Accidental bumps to the mouth happen occasionally in BJJ.
2Can I train with cuts or grazes?
Provided you adequately cover the wound, yes. We insist that you look after yourself and your training partners by minimising the risk of infection.
3Is BJJ 100% safe?
No martial art is. While Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is considered a "non-striking" martial art, injuries do happen. Look after yourself, stretch and know when to stop. We all help in looking out for each other. There are no guarantees, however.
4Is the CAZA gym hygienic?
We clean the mats every day with hospital grade disinfectant. We also provide and encourage the use of hand sanitizer. Members with illness are asked to stay away until the illness has passed and uniforms must be clean for each class. Footwear must be worn to class and footwear must never touch the mats.