Magid “Gorilla Hands” Hage III Returns to CAZA BJJ

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Yoshi Hasegawa with Magid Hage III

Last Saturday CAZA Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was proud to host Magid “Gorilla Hands” Hage III for his second seminar at our gym. Magid was here in Noosa last year when he taught his first CAZA seminar, taking us through his world-renowned baseball bat choke.

Magid loves surf culture, from skating to surfing, so you don’t need to twist his arm to get him back here. This is fortunate since trying to twist his arm will only end in tears!

Magid knew of the world famous Noosa surf break long before visiting Australia so stopping by last year was a bit of a bucket list thing for him.

If you have never rolled with Gorilla Hands, know this – if he gets one hand inside your collar and starts to roll, you generally have a few split seconds to decide: tap or nap. But even if you manage to fight off that sneaky baseball bat choke set-up, there is a really good chance you have simply fallen into a savage arm-bar. Either way, it’s a tough day out when rolling with Mr Hage III.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, he can hit a baseball bat choke in no-gi too.

CAZA BJJ head coach, Yoshi Hasegawa, enjoys it when another high-level black belt visits his gym. Visitors provide a great opportunity to get some serious rolls in with talented Jiu-Jitsu athletes from around the world. For the rest of us, seeing two highly skilled black belts go at it is next level. Incredible to watch.

Thanks once again Magid, we are always happy to see you and you are always welcome at CAZA BJJ.

Interested in BJJ seminars?

This seminar, as with most others we host at CAZA, was open to BJJ students from any gym or organisation. If you would like to know of any future seminars we are hosting, please follow the CAZA BJJ Facebook page.

We generally ask that you contact us to reserve a place, however, we take payment on the day.

See you at the next one!