Fee Change Coming For New Members

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CAZA Price Change

Starting March 1st 2020, the membership fees at CAZA Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Noosa will be increasing slightly for new members.

As we approach our three-year anniversary, the time has come to review the price members pay to be part of our club. Given the increasing costs of operating in the very accessible location of Noosa Junction, it has been decided that we will make a small change to both adults and kids fees. Keep in mind that membership fees have not increased once at CAZA headquarters since the doors opened back in February 2017.

Single and ten-class passes will also be increasing in price.

Membership fees grandfathered for existing members

For anyone already signed up at CAZA (Noosa) as a full member, membership fees will not change this time around. The grandfathering (locking in current prices) of fees for anyone who joins us before March 1, 2020, is our way of thanking those who supported us in the all-important first few years of operation.

Please note, however, that if a member who is enjoying the grandfathered fee structure cancels their membership in the future, they will have to pay the new (increased) membership fees upon rejoining.

Additionally, the fee increase may also be applied to members who’s payments default. This will be at Yoshi’s sole discretion. Payments are rarely a problem for us because we have such great members, but everyone is advised to stay on top of their payments to avoid problems.

The day will come where the grandfathering of fees will come to an end and a new fee structure will apply to everyone. At this stage, however, we envisage the fee freeze will last for a couple of years.

Your friends can save too if they are quick!

If you have any friends who are thinking about joining CAZA BJJ in Noosa, now is the time to get them signed up. As long as they join before March 1, they too will have their fees grandfathered at current prices.

Remember, they must come into the gym and sign the necessary forms in order to become a full member, including a completed direct debit agreement.