CAZA BJJ Results From The 2018 Queensland State Titles

Kangeiko 2018 at CAZA BJJ
Kangeiko Winter Camp 2018 at CAZA BJJ
June 9, 2018
CAZA BJJ First Adults Grading For 2018
First Adults Grading at CAZA BJJ For 2018
July 3, 2018
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CAZA BJJ Results at the 2018 QLD State Titles

This biggest Brazilian Jiu-jitsu tournament in Queensland for 2018, the state championship, was held last Sunday in Brisbane. CAZA BJJ was there, of course, and the results achieved by our members were very impressive.

The state championship is the only four-star tournament of the year, meaning any points scored are the maximum achievable. This is good news for a BJJ club of CAZA’s size, especially considering that we are not part of a franchise of clubs.

CAZA BJJ member’s results

The CAZA BJJ adults team was not particularly big this year, however, we did have representation at all but the black-belt level.

We continue to put Sunshine Coast Brazilian Jiu-jitsu on the map.

Our adult medal winners include:

  • Cheyne Douglas – Brown Belt – Gi – GOLD
  • Kris Cook – Purple Belt – Gi – SILVER
  • Erik Kallen – Blue Belt – No Gi – GOLD
  • Ronald Mendes – Blue Belt – Gi – GOLD
  • Mark Edwards – Blue Belt – Gi – GOLD
  • Mark Edwards – Blue Belt – No Gi – GOLD
  • Craig Rolleston – Blue Belt – Gi – BRONZE
  • James Howard – White Belt – Gi – SILVER

Kris Cook Competing at the 2018 QLD BJJ State Titles
Our medal winners amongst the kids include:

  • Daniel Svoboda – Gi – GOLD
  • Daniel Svoboda – No GiĀ – SILVER
  • Jayden Koh – Gi – GOLD
  • Kayden Koh – Gi – SILVER
  • Isaiah Thinee – Gi – GOLD
  • Nadan Putinja – Gi – BRONZE
  • Lucas Edwards – Gi – GOLD
  • Lucas Edwards – No Gi – GOLD
  • Thomas Edwards – Gi – SILVER
  • Thomas Edwards – No Gi – SILVER
  • Carolina Vanselow – Gi – SILVER
  • Jerami Kure – Gi – BRONZE

CAZA BJJ Kids at the 2018 QLD State Titles

Well done to all of our competitors

With so many of our entrants getting up on the podium, the CAZA coaches could not be happier. That said, winning isn’t everything in a sport that is also a personal journey, so well done to all of our competitors! You are a better BJJ student today with this experience under your belt….so to speak.

We have a few photos posted on the CAZA Facebook Page from the tournament. See the adults photos or the kids photos.