Next Up: Caloundra Open BJJ Championship 2018

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April 7, 2018
CAZA BJJ Crew at the Caloundra Open 2018
CAZA BJJ Represents At The 2018 Caloundra Open Championship
May 22, 2018
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Caloundra Open 2018

With the next QBJJC tournament being the Caloundra Open Championship, CAZA BJJ is planning to send a big team as a warm-up for the Queensland state titles. We are fortunate to have this lead-up tournament on our doorstep as it provides an ideal opportunity to prepare without too much travel.

The Caloundra Open is a two-star event, whereas the Queensland state titles is a four-star event. The star rating affects how many points teams get when their members win a gold, silver or bronze. These points also go towards the overall score for an individual at the end of the BJJ season.

As a growing club that does not franchise, CAZA BJJ needs to score as many points as possible at any given opportunity. Cleary then, events close to home need to be well attended by our competitors.

Remember, no matter if you win or lose, you will walk away a better Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner than you were the day before. As they say, “you either win, or you learn”. Ideally, both.

Thinking of competing?

If you are ready to tackle the Caloundra Open or the state titles, talk to Yoshi as soon as you decide to register. Preparing for a tournament is not something you start in the week before the event.

If you are going to compete in the gi events then make sure you attend plenty of gi classes in the lead-up. Same for no-gi, of course. Don’t just assume that they are the same thing and that you are ready to compete without rolling in a given style. Just ask anyone who has competed in both styles; things feel very different when you cross over in competition.

Supporters welcome!

If you can’t compete, or simply don’t want to, your support on the day would be more than welcome. Put on a CAZA shirt or hat and head down to Caloundra to cheer our team on.