COVID-19 Related Temporary Gym Closure

CAZA BJJ Coronavirus Response
CAZA BJJ’s Coronavirus Response
March 17, 2020
See you here soon
CAZA will be back ASAP!
May 5, 2020
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CAZA BJJ Corona Closure

On 12:00 pm Monday, 23rd March, CAZA Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu paused all classes in response to the Australian Government’s quarantine restrictions.

All membership fees paid via direct debit that covered memberships beyond Monday 23rd were automatically refunded. Additionally, all existing direct debits were paused.

Membership fees

We then provided members with three options:

  1. You can choose to pay a voluntary fee to support the club.
  2. You can cancel your membership. The regular notice period is suspended.
  3. Your membership can remain paused (this is automatic for anyone who hasn’t cancelled).

To make voluntary payments to support the gym, you need to complete [link removed], scan it and email it back to us.

The CAZA email address is:

Membership accounts with outstanding owed fees remain due and should be paid now.

NOTE: If you cancel your membership and then apply to join CAZA again in the future, the sign-up fee and new membership fee structure will apply as usual. Otherwise, paused memberships will automatically revert to active memberships upon the current government restrictions being lifted.

There is no pressure to take the first option above. It only exists because a number of members have insisted that they want to keep paying, which is an extraordinarily kind offer given the economic situation.

We know that many of our members have lost their shifts, clients and other means of earning an income. Therefore nobody should be paying if they can’t afford to.

BJJ will always be here and CAZA will find a way to survive; look after yourself and your families first.

Closed means closed

The current rules require indoor sports facilities, including gyms like ours, remain closed. That means we cannot offer private lessons, small group closed sessions or facilitate private ‘open mat’ sessions inside our gyms.

At present, there is nothing stopping you from going to a friends house and training on their mats. However, please consider the risk and the social distancing recommendations currently in place.

In the meantime, don’t forget to jump into the CAZA Facebook groups to stay in contact with everyone at the club. By the end of this, we will all be YouTube black belts!!!

Last update: 26th May, 5:20 pm