CAZA’s Results From The 2020 South East Queensland Championship

Daniel Svoboda Wins Silver at the 2020 Pan Kids Championship
Daniel Svoboda Wins Silver At The 2020 Pan Kids IBJJF Championship
February 9, 2020
Roll For A Cause BJJ Fundraising Seminar
Roll For A Cause Fundraising Seminar
February 12, 2020
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CAZA BJJ at the 2020 South East Queensland Championship

The first QBJJC tournament for 2020 was held on the Gold Coast over the weekend at the Carrara Indoor Sports Stadium. The South East Queensland Championship is a one-star event so it serves as a good warm-up for the long season ahead.

A small CAZA team made the drive down to compete with professor Andrew Bailey there to coach. While we love to see our team members win medals, it is even more satisfying to see them grow as a result of their competition experience.

Adults team results

  • Jimo Rangi
  • Justin Wood
    Gold – MALE NO-GI / PURPLE / ADULT / -67.5 KG (FEATHER)
  • Jim Rangi
  • Ronaldo Mendes Dos Santos
    Gold – MALE GI / PURPLE / MASTER 1 (30+) / -76 KG (LIGHT)
  • Jimo Rangi
    Silver – MALE GI / BLUE / ADULT / +100,5 KG (ULTRA HEAVY)
  • David Loft & Ryan Leavey
    5th – MALE NO-GI / BLUE / ADULT / -79.5 KG (MIDDLE)
  • David Loft
    5th – MALE GI / BLUE / ADULT / -82,3 KG (MIDDLE)

Kids team results

  • Lucas Edwards
    Gold – KIDS GI / JUNIOR II (11YRS) / MIXED / -33.2KG
  • Jayden Kimber
    Silver – KIDS GI / JUNIOR II (11YRS) / MIXED / -36.2KG
  • Thomas Edwards
    Silver – KIDS GI / TEEN I (13YRS) / MALE / -48.3KG

These are excellent results and we are very proud of the way that all of our competitors rolled on the day.

Next tournament for the CAZA BJJ comp team

The next QBJJC tournament will be held on the 22nd of February. However, being in Townsville, this is well beyond the travelling distance for our members. As a result, the next event that we will attend as a full team will be the Brisbane Championship on the 8th of March. This is the first three star tournament of the year.

The first tournament held here on the Sunshine Coast will be the Caloundra Open on the 5th of May. We will send a big team to this event so if you want to represent CAZA Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu this year, try to compete at this one.

If you have never competed before, be sure to talk to your coach before registering for a tournament. He will be able to advise you on your readiness and training preparation leading up to the event.