CAZA BJJ Wins 2022 The Sunshine Coast Championship

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CAZA Wins 2022 Sunshine Coast Championship

CAZA wins 55 medals overall

CAZA BJJ got off to an amazing start at the 2022 Sunshine Coast Championship with our kids team winning medals throughout the morning session. Of the 55 medals we won on the day, the kids won 39 of them. Obviously this was a small tournament from the adults perspective, however many CAZA adults had to withdraw after failing to be matched with an opponents.

2022 Sunshine Coast Championship Results

Our gold medallists were:

  • Archie Robertson x 2 (kids)
  • Jordan Van Der Walt x 2 (kids)
  • Airo Arkhipov x 2 (kids)
  • Sean Greason x 2 (kids)
  • Nadan Putinja x 2 (kids)
  • Daniel Svoboda x 2 (kids)
  • Lucas Edwards x 2 (kids)
  • Kayden Koh x 2 (kids)
  • Michaela Svoboda (kids)
  • Morgan Van Der Walt x 2 (kids)
  • Ava Greason (kids)
  • Milly Chandler (kids)
  • Peter Fleming (kids)
  • Harrison Becke (kids)
  • Darren Fortune x 2 (adults)
  • Toby Parsons x 2 (adults)
  • Michael Agnew (adults)
  • Mizuki Kimura (adults)
  • Ronaldo Dos Mendes Santos (adults)
  • Kodi McConnell (adults)
  • Caterine Barros (adults)

The CAZA coaches were proud of each team member who was willing to test themselves in competition, regardless of the final results. Coaches from CAZA BJJ in Noosa and Caloundra as well as the coaches from our affiliate Drop Bear BJJ were all there to support our competitors.

Thank you to the CAZA supporters who came to the event and cheer on our team. It’s great to see our hats, shirts and hoodies in amongst the crowd while our competitors are getting it done on the mats. It is certainly encouraging when you are a competitor to look up and see a bunch of faces you know there to encourage you.

Individual results

If you would like to see the individual results for all of our competitors, do the following:

  1. Visit this link
  2. Enter ‘caza’ in the ‘Academy name‘ field.
  3. Click search.