Jyssica Reps CAZA at the 2023 IBJJF European Championship

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Jyss at the 2023 IBJJF Euro's

While most of us were still easing our way into 2023, CAZA’s Jyssica Lian (Noosa gym) was getting off to a fast start. Jyss competed at this year’s IBJJF European Championship in Paris at the end of January while holidaying in Europe.

It has been a while since a CAZA member has flown that far to compete in a competition. Being on the other side of the planet doesn’t really come into your head while throwing down with an opponent, but it is still quite an undertaking.

Ultimately, Jyss finished third in the Female Master 1 (blue belt) Heavyweight division. The standard is obviously high at an event like this and so we are very proud of her just for taking on such a challenge. Not having a coach there on the day makes things even tougher, but that won’t hold a true competitor back.

Well done, Jyss. The experience was worth it, we’re sure, and you’ve helped blaze a trail for other CAZA competitors.

We’d love to see more CAZA members appearing at competitions and events overseas just like Jyss. Next time you pack your passport maybe you can pack your belt too!