Full BJJ Class Schedule Back In Effect For 2018

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CAZA BJJ Back For 2018

Today, Monday 8th of January 2018, CAZA BJJ resumes the normal class timetable for both kids and adults classes. Head instructor Yoshi Hasegawa remains on holiday in Japan until next week, however.

Special thanks are due for Cheyne, Erik and Woogie for opening the gym over the past two weeks, making the open mat sessions possible. It was great to see so many members coming down for a roll during the holiday period.

Yoshi has been in daily contact with the other instructors and is looking forward to meeting the new members who have joined CAZA over this Christmas and new year’s period.

It is fair to say that CAZA looks like becoming a real force in Queensland’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community in 2018. Our ranks continue to swell, the quality of our training and rolls are continually improving and the positivity is infectious.

The kid’s classes are on the rise too. Yoshi and Erik continue to make brilliant students out of our junior members.

Speaking of kids, let’s hope Isaiah can hold onto his number one rank in Queensland for the third year in a row! And, Isaiah is not alone. We have plenty of kids looking to test their skills in tournaments and take home medals this year. Medals are great accomplishments, but having fun and learning by doing¬†are the most important things any of us can take away from competing in tournaments.

CAZA BJJ will send teams to a number of the QBJJC tournaments this year. It would be great to win some team trophies, especially the Sunshine Coast Championship since we can consider this tournament our home event.

As always, nobody will ever be compelled to compete at CAZA. BJJ is a great sport for personal training goals and fitness, which is reason enough for many members to practice the sport. Competing is entirely up to the individual.

Finally, if you aren’t already following CAZA BJJ on Facebook then please do so. Important notices are posted there first.

Let’s have a great 2018 everyone!