CAZA BJJ Finally Reopening After Quarantine

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June 1, 2020
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June 30, 2020
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Ginastica Natural at CAZA BJJ

It has felt like forever, however, we finally have some good news with regard to reopening the CAZA BJJ gym. While we are still heavily restricted in what we can do, there is at least some opportunity to get back into the gym and prepare ourselves for regular classes.

We will, therefore, be reopening on the following dates:

  • Kids full class schedule recommences on Saturday 6th of June.
  • A limited set of adult classes will start on Monday 8th of June.

Kids will have their membership reactivated and direct debits, or prepaid memberships, will restart as usual. More about kids memberships below.

Adults will not have to pay or have their memberships reactivated at this time. There are only three classes per week, so these are provided as a bonus to adult members.

Note that this post refers to CAZA BJJ in Noosa Heads.

Stage 2 rules that apply to indoor sports (QLD)

Queensland is now in Stage 2 of quarantine restrictions so there are still some rules that we must observe. We will outline these below.

  • Close contact is still banned for indoor sports. Interestingly, members of the same household are an exception to this rule. Regardless, CAZA will still prohibit close contact until it is legal for everyone.
  • We can have no more than 20 people in the gym at any time – that includes coaches.
  • Everyone must maintain a 1.5 metre distance from other members when training.
  • Hygiene must be maintained, including continued use of hand sanitizer.

Do not start rolling with each other. The fines are huge so we can’t ignore a breach of close contact rules.

Depending on how busy classes get, we may have to introduce a booking system to reserve a place at each class. We will monitor class sizes before deciding if we need to implement this solution.

CAZA rules during Stage 2

To ensure we comply fully with the quarantine laws, we have to put some rules in place that you may find inconvenient.

  1. Maximum of 20 people in the gym at one time. This includes coaches.
  2. Use hand sanitizer before each class. We suggest you use it again before leaving. Also, please shower before coming to class if at all possible.
  3. No spectators (including supervising parents) at this time. Exceptions may be made if we find that classes aren’t full.
  4. Do not try to enter the gym until 5 minutes before class start time.
  5. As soon as your class finishes, please grab your gear and exit the gym. You can quickly change, but showers are off-limits.

Kids classes during Stage 2

Firstly, we suggest that you check out the amended timetable to familiarise yourself with the changes to kids class times. These are temporary changes but they are necessary to allow us to get people in and out of the gym without breaching the 20 person limit.

The classes will not involve close contact. Instead, we will focus on BJJ movement and drills, while adding some games and other exercises to keep them entertained. We have a few ideas that include the new crash mats too!

Parents and guardians, please drop the kids off 5 minutes before the class start time and be there to pick them up right as the class finishes. Please wait downstairs at the outer door and please don’t be late. The kids’ safety is paramount and we can’t keep them in the gym. The responsibility is yours.

Remember: you must let us know if you want to cancel your kids’ membership or keep the membership paused. If you don’t, we will assume that your kids are ready to go and will restart on the 6th.

Once all restrictions are lifted, all currently paused memberships, including prepaid, will automatically be reactivated and direct debits will resume.

Adult classes during Stage 2

We realise that adult members are still hanging out for regular BJJ classes, complete with learning new techniques and sparring. Unfortunately, we aren’t there yet.

In the meantime, we are going to reopen the gym to adults three times per week, at no cost, and we’ve added two new classes to get you started. Again, check out the amended timetable for class times.

  1. The Monday night class is fitness-focused and will be led by CAZA BJJ brown belt Dan Rudledge.
  2. Wednesday night’s class will be a new exercise program call GinĂ¡stica Natural led by CAZA BJJ blue belt Fabricio Cunha. (More about this class below.)
  3. Friday night’s class will simply be an ‘open mat (solo training)’ where you can come down and exercise with some of the CAZA crew.

GinĂ¡stica Natural is an interesting program. Here is a short description:

“The main influence of Ginastica Natural is the ground movements of jiu-jitsu. These ground movements combined with the techniques of stretching, flexibility and breathing of Hatha yoga, natural movements and the strength created through using bodyweight make up Ginastica Natural.”

Please take the opportunity to come back into the gym and support the classes we are providing. It’s a great way to start feeling the Jiu-Jitsu vibe all over again.